The Rocks- Non Invasive Heritage Silicone Damp Course Injection


Sydney's stringent heritage laws on some of the cities oldest buildings specify only silicone injection to treat the building's rising damp problems. Small holes drilled into the bricks and pumped full of silicone mean minimal disruption to the wall and a guarantee for over 20 years. 


Heritagerisingdampre1.JPG - large


Risingdamprepairsydn2.JPG - small herritagerenderingri1.JPG - small

Woollahra Art Gallery Eastern Suburbs- Rising Damp Remedial Works


The client was experiencing extensive rising damp in 90% of the total walls of the art gallery. The condition of the walls was an issue during art auctions as well as a desire to keep humidity levels low for the pieces during storage.   


The problem had been 'repaired' previously, but during our works, it was discoved essential steps had been left out of the process leading to bubbling and peeling paint throughout. 


Rising Damp     Stripping walls


Stripping walls rising damp     Rendering


Plastering     Plastering Skirtings


Project Completion